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Seed potato orders are ready for collection and there are some seed potatoes available @ 3.00 for a 2.5Kg bag.

Kelvedon Wonder Peas, 125g for 1.00

Red Barron & Sturon onions, 250g for 1.00

Golden Gourmet shallots, 250g for 1.00 .

Members and Associate Members are entitled to a 40% discount on seed orders and 5% off other items with the MNAA voucher code from Dobies.

Plants need 3 key nutients; nitorgen (N), for leaf production, phosphate (P) for roots, and potassium (K) or potash for flowers and fruit. They also require minute quantities of a variety of micronutrients. All fertilisers contain these in varying amounts.

Slow release phosphate and nitrogen fertiliser. Valuable for general soil preparation and top dressing around fruit trees and shrubs.
90p / Kg
Calcified Seaweed
Alternative to lime with trace elements and plant nutrients
90p / Kg
Chicken Manure Pellets
High in nitrogen and trace elements. Slow release fertiliser
7.00 / 8Kg
Epson Salts
Magnesium suphate. Encourages seed germination and the production of chlorophyll, prevents and corrects leaf yellowing. Good for tomatoes late in the growing season.
60p / Kg
Fish, Blood & Bone
Organic version of growmore with nitrogen released over a slightly longer period
90p / Kg
20.00 /25Kg
Garden Lime
Brassicas prefer to grow in slightly alkaline soil and this also reduces the risk of clubroot. The soil on the allotment site is generally PH neutral and a couple of tablespoons of lime under each brassica when planting is beneficial.
Lime also helps particles bind together and form larger particles, so helps improve clay soils
80p / Kg
15.00 / 25Kg
Garotta compost maker
1.10 / Kg
Inorganic fertiliser that contains measured amounts of principle nutrients in equal quantities to provide plants with what they need to grow.
1.00 / Kg
For flowers, fruit and vegetables
1.60 / Kg
Horticultural Potting Grit 20p / Kg
5.00 25Kg
Sulphate of Ammonia
High in nitrogen. Good for leafy vegetables
1.00 / Kg
Sulphate of Iron
For ericaceous plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Heathers and Pieris
60p /Kg
Rose Feed
80p / Kg
Doff Tomato Feed 600ml
Weed & Feed
For grassed areas
1.60 / Kg
8ft Canes 50p each
Cane Tops 1.00 for 10
Plant Labels 1.00 for 50
Tent pegs
1.00 for 5
Recycled paper pots
!.10 for 48
String 3.00
Gardening gloves 1.50
Slug pellets
Potato growing bags
Ground cover 2m width @ 1.50 per metre
White fleece
50p / m
Pea netting
1m x 1m = 25p
2m x 1m = 50p
Groworganic Manure 8.80
Foremost Peat Based Compost 60L 4.40
Humax Multipurpose Compost 40L 4.40
Sinclair Potting Growing Medium 75L 8.00
J Arthur Bowers Horticultural Sharp Sand, Large Bag
John Innes No 1 25L
John Innes No 2 25L
Stakes 2.4m - ideal for plot cages 6.00
Stakes 1.8m - ideal for fruit cages 3.00
Good quality butterfly netting 2m wide 2.00 per metre
Good quality woven netting 2m wide 1.50 per metre