Shop Items

The shop is closed for the winter and re-opens on 1 February 2020. Members requiring items from the shop may approach Committee Members for access.

Members and Associate Members are entitled to a 40% discount on seed orders and 5% off other items from Dobies with the MNAA voucher code.

Price List


Levington All Purpose Compost

5.50 (out of stock)

John Innes Seed 3.25
John Innes No 1
John Innes No 2
Humax Compost
Sinclair All Purpose Compost 9.50

Chunky Bark Chips 7.95
Mini Bark Chips 5.95
Potting Grit 5.00
Horticultutal Sharp Sand 5.00
Horse Manure 4.50 (out of stock)

Groworganic Fertiliser 9.00
Chicken Pellets - Fertiliser Tub 7.00
Bonemeal 1.00 / Kg
Growmore 1.00 / Kg
Fish, Blood & Bone 90p / Kg
Lime 90p / Kg
Tomorite 1.3L 3.95

Cover and Netting
Black Ground cover 2m wide 1.50 / m
Bird Netting 2m wide 1.50 / m
Butterfly Netting 2m wide 2.00 / m
All other netting, fleece and plastic  50p / m

Wooden Posts
2.4m X 75mm 7.50 each
1.8m X 50mm 4.00 each

2.4m Canes 50p each