Woodland Glade Restoration

The woodland glade has been a neglected part of the allotment site that is too shaded by mature trees to be used for cultivation. It had become a general dumping ground and was overgrown with brambles.

The area has been cleared and planted up with native woodland flowering plants. A path using wood chippings from some previous tree work has been laid out and some tree trunks used for seating. The photos below shows how the work progressing. It will take at least a couple of years for the new and uncovered plants to establish themselves.

Plant List

Bulbs and Rhizomes
From Seed/Cuttings
Found This Year, 2017
Common Dog Violet
Arum* Corn Cockle
Common Fumitory
Enchanters Nightshade* Foxglove
Garlic Mustard
Cyclamen (autumn)
Figwort* Great Mullein
Forget me not
Daffodil (Lent lilly)
Hogweed* Honeysuckle
Stinging Nettle* Lungwort
Herb Robert
Saffron Crocus (autumn)
Teasel Maiden Pink
Lesser Celandine
Snakes Head Fritillary
Violet Musk Mallow
Perennial Sow Thistle
Wood Avens* Primrose
Pink Deadnettle

White Campion
Wild Strawberry

Willow Herb
Wood Anemone

* Denotes plants already growing on site

4 February 2018

Newly planted willow hedgeSnowdrop

16 August 2017

Hawkmoth Chrysalis

17 July 2017

IMG 9739IMG 9740IMG 9742

11 July 2017

IMG 9730IMG 9729IMG 9728

3 June 2017

IMG 20170603_120649IMG 20170603_120554

13 April 2013

BluebellWhite Snakes Head Fritillary

12 March 2017

Snakes Head FritillaryIMG 20170312_101535

Bug Hotel

11 January 2017

IMG 20170111_113734IMG 20170111_113710

IMG 20170111_113718

31 October 2016

IMG 20161031_104252IMG 20161031_104301IMG 20161031_104314

10 October 2016

IMG 9058IMG 9056

4 October 2016

IMG 9049IMG 9044

8 September 2016

IMG 7973IMG 7976IMG 20160915_155030

21 August 2016

IMG 7937IMG 7940IMG 7943

18 August 2016

IMG 20160818_113244IMG 20160818_113221

10 August 2016
IMG 20160810_110234IMG 20160810_110237IMG 20160810_110227

30 July 2016

IMG 20160730_161620 IMG 20160730_161624