1 All plots must be used for the growing of vegetables, fruit or flowers. Plot holders should cultivate at least 60% of the area of the allotment. The remaining 40% may be used for other horticultural purposes (lawns, flower beds etc.)

2 Plots must be maintained to a "Good Standard" and reasonably free from weeds. The plot should be cultivated with compost or recognised soil improver and otherwise maintained in a good state of cultivation and fertility.

3 Periodic plot inspections will be carried out to ensure all terms and conditions are adhered to. If a plot is found not to be kept up to a "Good Standard" the committee will inform the plot holder and may issue a cultivation order.

4 You are permitted to plant edible fruit tree(s) on your plot. Only dwarf trees may be planted from November 2022. They must be maintained and pruned so that they do not encroach on the paths. Non-fruiting trees are not permitted. Existing trees on plots must be kept pruned by the plot holder to ensure they do not encroach on the paths or other plots blocking out the light.

5 Water is laid on for the use of members. It can only be conveyed to the plot using a watering can or similar. Under no circumstances may any member use any form of hose pipe or pump.

6 Greenhouses and sheds may be erected on the plots. Structures should not obstruct paths or interfere with neighbouring plots and must be maintained in a good state of repair.

7 Plot holders should ensure their plots are identified with a numbered mark, peg or sign indicating the number of the plot.

8 The plot holder is responsible for ensuring that the grass on the paths around their plot is regularly cut, the edges kept tidy and the path maintained in a safe condition.

9 The keeping of animals or any other livestock is not allowed on the site. Bees, however, may be kept with the permission of the Committee

10 Carpet may only be used to cover shed floors and compost heaps.

11 Broken glass must be removed from the site immediately.

12 Waste material should not be brought on to the site and non-compostable rubbish must be removed from the site by the plot holder.

13 The tops of canes less than 5ft off the ground must be covered with a protective cap to minimise the likelihood of eye injury.

14 Children must be supervised at all times.

15 Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Dog owners or a person who is in charge of a dog must clear up any dog fouling and remove it from the site.

16 It is the responsibility of each plot holder to ensure that they or their visitors lock the gates after entering or leaving the site.

17 No plot holder shall enter another allotment without good reason, nor remove crops, produce or any other item from any other plot without the plot holder's permission.

18 All cases of dispute between tenants, grievances against another plot holder or the actions of the Association; shall be referred to the committee in writing. The committee's decision shall be final.


19 The tenant must inform the Secretary of any change of address, telephone number or email address.

20 Where two or more persons wish to jointly work an allotment they shall each be deemed to be a member of the MNAA.

21 One of the joint tenants shall be nominated as the "Principal Tenant" responsible for all payments and correspondence relating to the allotment.

22 Tenants must pay to the Association an annual fee determined at the Annual General Meeting per metre of allotment occupied by them, which will be due on 1st October annually. The tenancy shall be deemed to have ceased if the rent is not paid to the Association by 31st October each year.

23  Any notice from the Association may be served on a tenant either personally, or by email or by fixing it in a conspicuous manner at the allotment.

24 Any notice from a tenant to the Association is served on the Association by handing it to a member of the committee, by delivering it to the allotment shop or by emailing it to

25 Any matters not provided for in these rules shall be resolved on a case by case assessment by the Association committee.

26 These by-laws shall remain in force until amended by a majority vote at a General meeting of the MNAA.



The name of the association will be The Mount Noddy Allotment Association, hereafter referred to as "The Association".


The objects of The Association shall be:-

a) To promote the interests of all members in gardening activities and to take joint action on behalf of the members.
b) To obtain a supply of seeds, fertilizers, tools and other horticultural equipment on behalf of members.
c) To provide any other activities which will foster and promote interest in allotments and horticulture.


The Association shall consist of FULL MEMBERS and ASSOCIATE MEMBERS, which will be defined as follows:-

FULL MEMBERS: Those members who are tenants on the site and as such will have full voting rights.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Those members who are not tenants on the site and although they will have all the privileges of a FULL MEMBER, will not have voting rights.


The officers of The Association shall be a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and Assistant Secretary.

Each officer shall hold office for three years in rotation, and will be elected in the following order at the Annual General Meeting.

Secretary and Vice Chairman 1st year

Chairman and Assistant Treasurer 2nd year

Treasurer and Assistant Secretary 3rd year

Nominations for the posts of officers to the Association, shall be received by the Hon. Secretary not later than 14 days before the Annual General Meeting, and should bear the signature of the person nominated and also the signatures of two full members supporting the nomination. In the event of there being nominations in excess of vacancies, election will proceed by ballot.


The affairs of The Association shall be conducted by a General Committee consisting of the Officers of The Association and six full members of The Association.

One third of the committee shall retire annually in rotation, but shall be eligible for re-election at The Annual General Meeting.

Nominations for committee members shall be received by the Secretary no later than 14 days before the Annual General Meeting, and should bear the signature of the person nominated and the signature of two full members supporting the nomination.

In the event of there being nominations in excess of vacancies, election will proceed by ballot.

A quorum shall consist of five members.


The committee shall have the right to co-opt Members onto the Committee as and when the need arises.


The Committee shall have the right to enter into an Agreement with members concerning the tenancy of their allotments and to ensure that the agreement is complied with. The committee will also have the right to terminate any agreement if the terms of the agreement are not complied with. If any member has his agreement terminated due to non-compliance with the agreement, his membership of The Association shall also cease.

The Committee shall also have the right to conduct negotiations with the Local Authority and private landlords for use of the gardening land.


The annual subscription for Full and  Associate Members shall be determined at the AGM and be due on the 1st October of the following year.

For the purpose of membership and voting at any General Meeting of the Association, membership will be deemed to have ceased if the subscription is unpaid by the 31st October each year. The financial year of the Association will run from the 1st October annually.


Tenants shall pay to the Association an annual rent determined at the Annual General meeting per square metre of allotment occupied by them, which will be due on the 1st October annually. The tenancy will be deemed to have ceased if the rent is not paid to the Association by the 31st October each year.



a) If in the opinion of The Committee, the conduct of any member is contrary to the interests of the Association, the Committee may caution, require to resign or suspend such member for such a period as the Committee may determine.

b) Any member carelessly and or wilfully committing any damage to the property of The Association will, subject to the decision of The Committee, be called upon to contribute in whole or in part to the cost of repairing or replacing such damage or loss.

c) No member shall be dealt with as in parts (a) or (b), without being afforded the opportunity of explaining his conduct to the General Committee.


The Committee shall have the right to refuse admittance to any person other than a Full Member, a member of his family or authorised representative to the allotment gardens unless accompanied by the full Member, member of his family or authorised representative.


The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in November at such a time and place as The Committee or a General Meeting shall decide. Fifteen full members shall form a quorum. At the meeting the audited accounts and Secretary's report shall be submitted and the Officers and Committee for the ensuing year elected.

No business shall be conducted at an Annual General Meeting unless notice of it in writing and signed by at least five full members, has been received by the Secretary at least 14 days prior of the date of the meeting.

The Secretary shall give not less than 28 days notice to full members of an Annual General Meeting.


A special General Meeting may be called at the discretion of the Committee and shall be called within 28 days by the Secretary on the receipt by him of a written request by not less than fifteen full members of The Association. In either case, not less than 14 days notice must be given to Full Members.

No business shall be conducted at a Special General Meeting, other than that for which the meeting was called.


The Committee shall open a banking account in the name of The Association and all monies received from any source shall be paid into such account, or accounted for in any other way. Cheques shall be signed by two out of four signatories, who will be The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.


Two auditors shall be appointed by the Committee, who are not members of the Committee, to audit the accounts and report thereon to the Annual General Meeting.


The Committee may as they see fit impose By-Laws to ensure the correct functioning of the Association, and the allotment site. These By-Laws will be ratified at the next Annual General Meeting with the consent of the Full Members.


The Association shall be affiliated to any other Association or Society as the Committee shall from time to time direct.


The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer or in their absence their deputies, shall deal with all emergencies or matters of an urgent nature and shall report their actions to the next Committee Meeting.


The assets of The Association shall be the property of the Full Members. The Committee shall control the funds and property of the Association, and in the event of The Association ceasing to exist, dispose of the property and assets as the full members at an Annual or Special General Meeting shall determine.


Interpretation of these rules shall rest with the General Committee who shall also have the power to decide any question not provided for in these rules, and the decision of The Committee shall be final.


Officers of The Association and members of the Committee shall not be held liable for any debts incurred by the Association or any claims against it.


All members of The Association shall be supplied with a copy of these rules upon request.

The above Rules were adopted and accepted at the Inaugural Meeting of The Mount Noddy Allotment Association on the 8th day of August 1991 and were given minor amendments in 2013 and 2016..